Dignity lost

I won’t go into detail concerning the “stripping of my insides” but it is comparable to vultures cleaning a carcass (I am very familiar with road kill techniques). My coolness and dignity are now gone (donations of pity and/or money accepted) and I will never be the same. Where my dignity once was, there is now a foam bed, storage boxes and even (gasp) curtains. My name has been changed. I am no longer “cool dude” but will be called “Eldo”. It is short for El Dorado and something to do with a song Jeff likes. At this point, I’m not listening to Jeff anymore.

I’m noticing “she” goes everywhere with Jeff now. She even puts her bare feet on my beautiful Pewter finish.  Except “she” does most of the driving. What’s up with that? Oh yeah, the old car sick excuse…. has she really puked that much? Oh wait, I do remember when I didn’t stop in time and it got on the outside of me. Oh, that smelled for days! So I guess it’s a trade off between “puke on my pewter” or Jeff in the passenger seat? Well, you can guess my choice.

I have not accepted “she” yet and am not listening to Jeff so it can get pretty lonely at times. I don’t  like it when “she” works on me as it appears there is some trouble with boundaries (bare feet on pewter finish). But Jeff helps me and I like it when he fixes me. He’s quite handy (but I’m still not listening to him) and has a way of figuring things out. I have a solar battery system and he rebuilt my transmission (sweet!). That’s pretty good (don’t tell him I said that). I always feel better after he has worked on me. I do wish though they would stop complaining about my air conditioning system. I don’t think it was meant to be used for hours in a desert!

I do say, it is humiliating to carry water around on my roof (think if “humans carried toilets on their backs). “Cool Dude” would never do that. It throws me off balance when I’m moving. Taken me a bit to get used to. I remember when I was younger, just a small little Jeep-ette and new to the world. I was told about “humans”and now I’m learning.

Oh no! “she” is coming towards me and carrying nail polish bottles. Oh, no! this means feet on my dashboard again and the smell?! Ugh!!!!