10-03-2017 – Playa Coral, Mexico

Today was a literally “back on the road” type of day. Since we spent 7 days back in the USA doing some hurricane family stuff and 10 days at the Air bnb. It has been 17 days since we have slept at “home” in Eldo. I was starting to feel a little homesick, so this morning I woke up all excited to start back with the adventure. Starting the day right, with a little relax time with my fresh ground pressed coffee, only felt appropriate.  After some nice relax time we started to pack Eldo up, with a little excitement in the air. Eldo was so excited, I could feel her gleam! We cleaned up the air bnb, as we always try to leave them nice and clean.

We had dropped off some clothes at a laundry place to get them cleaned yesterday so they were to be picked up today. We walked across the street to the local launderia and gave him our ticket. Looking in was a small privately-owned shop with one man inside and a small glass display case with socks and a few shirts for sale. Gave him our ticket and noticed he was still folding the clothes so we waited, we were in no hurry. He started to bag them up and said, under his breath, oh by the way you are missing 3 matches to socks. Now, living in Eldo we try to be as organized as possible but it does take a little effort. We don’t have a lot of clothes to start out with so every piece kind of matters. 3 pairs of socks are kind of a large loss and they were all mine including my super soft fluffy warm pink socks. At first, I said no problem and he told me to look in my home. Laughing to myself, I knew it was going to be a loss. Then I walked right in to caress my pink sock with a pathetic sadness, hoping he would feel bad and look a little better in his dryers or in the disaster of a whirlwind of clothes that were splattered all over. As I was caressing I saw a child’s sock in our pile of clothes, took it out and let him know, it was not ours. As I started to walk away in sadness I happen to see in the corner of my eye one of my missing socks on a side counter all wet and kind of with some garbage stuff! All excited I picked it up and gave the dirty wet sock to him! Then started looking on floor and found another one under the table on the floor!! Score!! All that was missing now was the pink fluffy ones. I walk away just excited to have 2 pair of socks and I hear it!! Found it!! He found the last pink sock on the ground in the back!   Ok, so traveling lesson here, which I normally do but was feeling particularly lazy this day, is to count all the clothes and make a list of shirts, pants, socks, etc. before leaving. It was a success, leaving with all our clothes or well just not noticing the ones that are missing.

We head back to the Air bnb to keep on packing. We are starting to get a little hungry but we pack on, needing to be out by around 11. We have put Willis on a leash so that he does not tear up the clothes in the back of the jeep (which he did before when I left the top open). Put all the clothes away in the tire well of Eldo and I hear the door close behind me…. Grrrrrrr…… I locked us out of the house and inside the closed gate area.

Fortunately, we had a phone and we texted the Air bnb guy. Since there was really nothing we could do but wait, I crawled into Eldo, got a book out, dripping sweat in the sunny spot and relaxed. We waited and waited and waited. We thought about getting a pizza delivered, we could squish it through the locked gate. And just then Daniel drove up like an angel to save us in his little white car with a big smile on his face. Daniel was a tall, thin, well-dressed man who carried himself with a lot of pride. He had a gentle smile that you just wanted to be around. We chatted for a while and he was able to find the key for us to get back in. ahhhhhhh the air conditioner felt like heaven!!! He started asking questions about Eldo with a child-like curiosity.  Listening to us talk about the adventures his whole body lite up. We told him about where we were headed (well with no real destinations). He has family in Chile so he shared a bit about Patagonia area which he had traveled to. Talked about Travel Ur Dreams and how he can follow our adventure. His face lite up and was so sincerely excited for us. It is these few human moments in life that are a real honor to feel and experience. Then it dawned on us, Travel Ur Dreams birth place is right here at this Air bnb in the small town of Puerto Moreles, Mexico!!! Daniel in some very small special way played a part in providing us with a comfortable, safe, inexpensive, great wifi spot for a welcoming beginning of Travel Ur Dreams.



Driving Eldo out of the parking spot she was a little squeaky, could hear her struggle a little. I knew she could do it and would be just fine. We started driving off all excited to be on the road again and realized we did not know which way we wanted to go. We knew that we were starving and inside really hoping maybe that great chicken place was open today. Driving by we saw the cloud of smoke from the corner chicken place, turning around and parking right in front we jump out to order a ½ chicken please! It smelled sooo good. We set the gps to Cancun area cause I wanted to explore that a little before heading south. Started driving and getting the chicken ready to eat we passed by the exact same location that we had slept in the night before flying off to the USA. Swerved off to relax, enjoy, and eat. We parked in the same spot as that night. Pulled our chairs out and enjoyed the amazing chicken with the breeze of the beach in our faces.






Now, this particular parking spot has a little history to it. The night that we discovered this parking area, we were getting ready to fly out that night. So, we were going to sleep until around 3am then head to airport. We spent some time packing and then cooking dinner. It’s a beautiful spot right on the water, clean with locked bathrooms and a wonderful outdoor shower. We were so relaxed and excited to have found this sleeping spot for the night. We got all settled into Eldo bed and drifted off to sleep. There was a security guard here that did not seem to mind us but made us feel a little safe so we slept with the back hatch open to feel the cool breeze from the ocean. We drifted off to sleep with our alarms set for nice and early. Hours later, suddenly, I feel a tight grasp of a hand squeezing my knee without a word said. I startle not saying a word but open my eyes. As I look up I see a man dressed in green army clothing with a bullet proof vest on and a HUGE gun in his hand right at my feet. My whole body does this panic shutter as I stay calm on the outside and poop my pants on the inside. I notice 2 other men jump out of a jeep parked with guns and run to the sides of Eldo. I try to focus on what he is saying, not knowing at this point is it better to pretend I don’t speak Spanish or just try to talk my way out of this. He asks a couple basic questions, where are we from and where are we going, smiles and walks off.  I take a deep breath laying there with the fear still running through my blood. We laugh a little, relax and back off to sleep.

After lunch with full bellies we head off on the road again to find a nice beach in Cancun and maybe a place to sleep for the night. Suddenly, to the right we see a beautiful crystal-clear beach. I pull over to a small dirt pull off and we walk down to the beach with a blanket and in awe sit and watch the water. This is so much more beautiful that I had expected from a Cancun beach. After baking in the sun a bit, we head back to the road. Drive through Cancun hotel area and holy moly, the whole area is just filled with huge hotels, resorts and some parts looking very similar to Las Vegas! This is not really what I was looking for so we kept on driving, was getting hot and a little lethargic. I saw a pull off and headed towards a nice airconditioned mall area for a break. Walked around for a bit and then wanted to explore.


I saw a back-side road that looked interesting. Drove and drove until we found a perfect back dirt road, right on the water and totally private. Although we had to drive through a river to get to the beach, I knew Eldo could do it!  I thought, this is a perfect sleeping spot. After knowing that we had a nice place to sleep, we headed out for dinner. We had been talking about how there is a little ceasars in Cancun, and that was going to be our dinner splurge! For hours we were drooling over the idea of this hot and ready pizza! We drove all the way through town about 20 min to reach this pizza. By now we were really hungry and could not wait to sink our teeth into this hot fresh pizza! We wait in the long line of people all excited that we were going to get bread sticks and coke!!! We get to the young boy behind the register and tell him proudly what I want. We go to pay with our credit card as we always do at little ceasars and he looks at us, shakes his head and says, so sorry “cash only”. Now realizing that we have only like 1$ in pesos on us. My heart drops, my shoulders slouch and my stomach grumbles at me.  Grrrrrr. No hot and ready for me. We moved on to dominos and enjoyed a yummy pizza.  We decided to eat the pizza in Eldo because inside dominos there were tons of screaming kids! With my window down devouring the pizza a man walks up to my side of the car. Startled me a little but then comforted me with the sight of a beautiful handmade flan cake. He was walking around with his 2 grown children trying to sell flan. We got chatting a little and he gave me a few missing teeth grins. He went on to tell me that if I was not hungry now, well I could bring the flan home with me. I sat there, looked behind me at my beautiful bed in Eldo and said, “I am at home”. His face lite up with that silly missing tooth grin and he said “really?!?!, you live in your car?!?!, so do I!!! We laughed a little and he moved on to the next potential buyer. We headed back to our sleeping spot that we were so proud to have found!

I had to do about 20 min of driving through the city to get to our spot, in the dark it is not the easiest thing to do. There are potholes everywhere, people walking and crazy drivers. Roads that go in directions that you would never imagine and street lights everywhere sometimes even in the middle of round abouts. As I am driving I see something ahead in the road, looks like a huge dead cat from my view but hard to tell, I don’t want to hit it anyways so I swerve a little. As I get closer I notice that it is actually moving! It was a HUGE snake, right in the middle of the city!!!! When I say huge I mean HUGE!!!! It was slivering so slowly across the street, must have just eaten something (maybe a cat, dog or even small child)!

We parked Eldo in a nice safe spot, started to get ready for bed and well, to make a long story short. After getting kicked out of the beach area to another parking area. Then at 11pm getting kicked out of the parking area. We found ourselves, tired, slightly annoyed at the overambitious security guards and back on the road. So, that is how we ended up back at this wonderful spot on the water. We pulled in and felt right at home. Curled up and fell fast asleep.

-just another day on the road…..


Eldo feeling happy next to the smokey chicken grill.