Water, water, everywhere!

Have I mentioned land and water hazards those humans have exposed me to? There must be a hot line I call to report them; 1-800-pot-hole? Let’s just say, the roads I have been driving on are not the same as Florida roads. Ah-h-h Florida, land of paved, flat roads. I remember those. Now, I’ve driven thru mud up to my fenders, pot holes that hit my frame (didn’t see any posted warning signs) and water across roads that I don’t know where land is when I enter. Ugh! Water is the worse because it often is moving and not in the direction I want to go. Humans are clueless! Don’t they know I can’t float? I suppose I did float on that “barge” when Jeff used a hand crank to move the “barge” across the river. Wasn’t really pleasurable, but I endured.
I once heard a story of a Mercedes G-Wagon that was transported in a shipping container and picked up by a spider crane. A rusty barge was involved. So I suppose it could be worse, regardless it is scary. But we keep traveling regardless of environmental hazards. These humans seem to like water. Many times I am parked by a lake, river, ocean and sometimes beside a boat. Do they think I will learn to float by hanging around a boat? Well that reminds me, one of my many talents is poetry.
So here goes…..

Parked by a boat
Pondering my demise.
They think I can float
But I am much too wise.

A car will sink
This much is true.
What do those humans think?
What are they making me do?

I’m happy on land,
Florida’s the best.
Perhaps I should take a stand,
And just lay down and rest.

But here we are on this trip.
Never know where it will end.
Water everywhere and not just a drip.
Please send me “tire floaties” if you can!