Beautiful Azores Blue Whale Beauty

The blue whale… the largest animal in the history of earth. A tongue that weighs as much as an elephant. A gentle giant hunted almost to extinction. Heading out into the huge Atlantic swells this morning from the Marina D’Angra, on the island Terceira. On the way out we saw pods of dolphin, both the pretty yellow colored common dolphin and the more elusive striped dolphin. The Portuguese Man O’ War, as beautiful as it is painful, were out in abundance too. Elizabeth saw it first… an enormous spray on the horizon. Pulling closer… there it was… an enormous blue whale, no more than 100 feet away… gliding through the waves. An amazing sight, on an amazing day, in the amazing Azores. Just another day on the road (water)…

(obviously not my picture…raced out of the house in my pajamas and forgot the camera)

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