Parking Donation….

Broke the gravitational pull of the big city and ventured north. Didn’t get too far before the day begins to fade and tiredness convinces us to look for a place to stop for the night. Right on cue, we round a corner and find a turn off. It feels safe and sits tucked back and slightly above the road. Route 60 runs from West Perth through Wanneroo and into Dongara… The Rock Lobster Capital of  Australia. The green and rolling countryside stretches from horizon to horizon and the scattered clouds begin to turn pink as the sun sets.

We found a great deal on some fresh produce today and cook up a killer vegetable soup, heavy on the tomato we bought in bulk. It’s fleshed out with onion, fresh basil and cilantro, garlic and ginger. It’s a satisfying last supper to what we hope is the end of two exhausting business filled weeks in and around Perth.

Perth was good to us. We recouped from horrendous jet lag. Enjoyed some big city culture and amenity. Bought and took possession of a well worn but mechanically sound 2003 Toyota Hiace van. Spent countless days  renovating and customizing the van… finally turning her into our home. They allowed us to make a hefty and generous contribution to the government til in the form of a $200 parking ticket as we narrowly avoid the additional $500 we would have donated if the tow truck had gotten there quicker.

We stock up on every imaginable thing we anticipate needing once we move off grid along the coastline of Western Australia. The remote road clears ahead as the sprawling suburbs of Perth fade away behind. Looking forward to the beaches and warmer weather as we head north into the Australian summer. Looking forward to a more sparsely populated landscape where city, car, and people are less frequent encounters. Looking forward to revisiting the Dao, live in the moment philosophy, that was put on hold while taking care of too much business. And, until next time, looking forward to just breathing and living…


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