Remembering to slow down….

Night two at the beach camp. It felt great to leave Perth and hit the road. We headed north on Route 60 and passed through Yanchep, Jurien, and Cervantes. There were a couple free beach camp options along the way. We opted for Freshwater Point and pulled right up to the ocean. We’ve been here 36  hours. It’s beautiful and relaxing, but I’m sure we will be ready to move on tomorrow even before our free 72 hour allotment is up. There are promises of similar camps along the coast, we are eager to see if they exist.

This particular camp is right along a small crescent white sand beach that is pretty much covered in mounds of seaweed. The water is blue and clear. At sunrise and sunset we see dolphins. It’s cool, sunny,and still during the bulk of the morning. By noon, it’s sunglass bright and blazing hot. Then, the early afternoon winds pick up to help cool things off and keep the hordes of beach fly’s somewhat at bay. It’s all extreme here though. The morning chill, the daytime heat, the strong winds, the bright sun, and the insects. All will try your patience, and the refuge the van provides is invaluable.

 As the pace slows you learn even more about yourself. Finding the balance between relax and adventure is evolutionary. There are stretches of desire to just keep moving and watch the landscape as you pass through it. Then there are stretches of wanting to stop for a few days and watch the landscape as you become part of it. And, the more you learn about yourself, the more confidence you have that there is no right and there is no wrong. Just move on, or just stay put… it’s the moment that matters.

Those moments are worth embracing no matter the circumstance.