Chasing The Timeless…

Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia

Further north along coastal WA the landscape opens up and the beaches give way to more cliff than dune. Home for the night is a safe pull off just before the large Welcome to Kalbarri sign. Parked with our best view looking west to enjoy another indescribable Indian Ocean sunset. Just enough cloud to give dimension to the enormity of distance between us and horizon. Just enough cloud to break the light into beams that dance with the water.

After dark, the stars shine amazingly bright and the Milky Way spiral spans horizons north to south. I get to thinking that the Milky Way I am used to seeing appears more vertical in the sky. Here it is almost horizontal. Another reminder that I haven’t given much thought to my entirely new longitude orientation. Add that to the ever growing list of things to make sense of… or not.

A morning run along the coastal cliffs reveals a violent clash between sea and continent. And why not throw in a whale sighting… Another timeless battle between earth and water. The ocean swells break far below the cliffs. The layers of geographic history exposed just a little by the uncountable generations of waves. I imagine the view here hasn’t changed much in countless years and that it won’t change much for countless more. Thousands of years?… millions?… billions?…. another orientation to make sense of… or not.

Just another day chasing the timeless and appreciating it when found.