Skillet “Baked” Gluten Free Seafood Pizza

Monkey Mia Beach, WA

Even though not Celiac, we have noticed some sensitivity to gluten. This is heartbreaking to the pizza lover in us. In a small local market in the old pearl city of Denham Australia, we find a discounted bag of gluten free pizza base mix. Seizing the opportunity, an experiment to make our own gluten free pizza begins.

The base is easy enough to make by adding some warm water, olive and coconut oils, and a little sea salt. We knead it out and flatten between our cutting boards. Both sides are browned in a hot skillet with coconut oil.

In a second skillet we make a decadent butter, olive oil, fresh basil, and garlic sauce.

Some scallops are browned in butter and added to the garlic sauce with some cooked and peeled shrimp.

The pizza base is covered in ricotta and oregano, kind of like icing on a cake. We top this with our decadent scallop-shrimp-garlic-basil mix and complete with some sexy roasted red peppers. This is all heated together in the large skillet until we can’t wait any longer. Of course we break out the scissors to cut our pizza.. we wouldn’t do it any other way.

In a lifetime of travel and international dining, we have devoured more pizza than can be remembered. From the simplest of pizzeria to gourmet bistro and restaurant. And although a basic pepperoni with olive may still be our go to, there is no denying that our skillet “baked” gluten free seafood pizza now stands right at the top of the list. FYI… there were no leftovers!!!