Re-purpose Our Lives

Most camper-van kitchens are built out as if they are for a house. Big clunky cabinets, counter-tops, sinks, and appliances. That’s not a requirement for us, so when time comes to renovate Yolo, removing all these things is an obvious choice. After a day of demo and dumping, we are left with a wide open six sq ft of space for the kitchen design.

Buying a minimalist white steel frame and wood top table that we call our “Zen Table”, is the first step. It inspires us to keep things simple and functional. We buy a two burner propane camp stove that fits perfectly on the table while cooking. It stores easily beneath while traveling. Elizabeth has the great idea to re-purpose the old stainless steel sink into a pantry for our fresh foods. She sews a matching cover for it out of our curtain material. This simple discovery frees us from the need for refrigeration and ice coolers. The stainless box, when kept properly insulated and shaded, keeps things cool and gives our fresh foods a couple extra days shelf life.

Often, it’s these unexpected ideas and discoveries that simplify our lives and liberate our minds. Although we put ourselves out here for the excitement of adventure, it’s really clarity and simplicity we are seeking. Every small step we take to simplify and unclutter add up over time. They make the difficult days easier and turn good days into incredible ones. Realizing this is almost as exciting as the adventure itself.