Watching The Wheels

2020 March 11

“People say I’m crazy, doing what I’m doing…”

Watching The Wheels- John Lennon

Funny things happen when you have the luxury of watching. Camped now for a week along the Western Australia shore, we have been doing a lot of watching… birds, waves, clouds, sun, moon, sky, and each other. I’ve been watching a small farm windmill. It’s wood frame wheel spins day and night running a small groundwater pump. I’ve incorporated it into my daily meditations and look forward to watching it’s perfectly imperfect wobble. The sea breeze here is our best friend, cooling off the hot summer days and keeping the pesky bush fly at bay. When that wheel stops, things can quickly get unpleasant.

A large shipping port is just to the south. There is an anchorage area offshore in front of us. As these enormous ocean going freight ships anchor and wait their turn in port, they become familiar to us. Thanks to some internet apps, we learn the names, voyage details, and the freight they carry. Names like Concordia, Tai Kingdom, Martha Prudence, and Rui Ning. Home ports such as Hong Kong, Malta, and Qatar. Iron ore, wheat, zinc and copper; tens of thousands of tons loaded and going out. The ships wait in anchorage days on end. We feel a touch of sadness when their time comes to move along. But, so far they are quickly replaced by new ones. The horizon looks empty when their silhouettes are missing.

Meanwhile, the windmill turns with the sea breeze. There are whitecaps and breakers churning in the surf. A hot orange sun looks to set right on the deck of the Concordia as she prepares to head into port. Later, the full worm moon rolls across the sky all night and disappears in the morning beneath that same horizon. In contrast to our usual wanderlust, we continue to extend our time on this hillside. Days have now become weeks. The silhouette of our quirky little gray van becomes a familiar sight. We have set anchor here, for now. Soon enough, like our friends at sea, the time will come to load up and move on. For now, I get to breath deeply, love passionately, swat a few flies, and watch the wheels go round and round. There are no problems here…. “only solutions.”