1000 Days on The Road

Days get lost. It sounds ridiculous, but most of the time we don’t know what day it is. It’s our popular game to unexpectedly quiz each other about the date, or even the day of week. We are pretty solid when it comes to the month and year… but the day and date… not so much. Significant dates and anniversaries…. forget about it! They reside in the lost baggage department of life. So, we have notebooks and apps to remind us from time to time, the significance of certain days. With a little memory help from our “aides”, the ah-ha moment of synchronicity hits home today. We celebrate 1000 full time days of road life.

In historic scale, this isn’t a huge number. But for us, that’s 1000 days of voluntary global homelessness. That’s 3000 (mostly self prepared and cooked) road meals. That’s 1000 days exposed to a world that is as beautiful as it is harsh. That’s a lot of days not knowing where we will poop, who we will meet, and where we will sleep. It’s a 1000 sunrises and sunsets that we shared with each other. By eliminating our homes, our hometowns, our social safety networks, and most of our stuff, we gain the luxury of owning a little bit more of ourselves. That luxury allows us to understand a bit more about the brevity of our time here. As Red says, “Get busy living or get busy dying”. He’s goddamn right!