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Australia… hitting the road

2020 March 06

Drummond Cove WA

Awake at 5 am to beat the flies. Still dark outside but the bush flies don’t appear until after sunrise so it’s the best way to get our run in without fly inhalement. We aren’t sure what other creatures lurk roadside as we run through the darkness, but it’s a risk worth taking. There is challenge getting back into the morning run, but we have a chance in Australia. The air is fresh and clean, the roads are reasonably safe and flat. The problem in Tbilisi Georgia was pollution. Many of the cars and trucks are old and give off thick exhaust. We tried running but wound up choking on fumes. When we left the city and explored the countryside, there was too much ice and snow to run safely. So we resigned the run and stuck to indoor workouts. Back now in the vast wide open Australian landscape the roads run straight and long… and so do we.

Returning to Yolo after early morning run. The bush flies are still sleeping.